Guidelines for filling a Claim Form E ONLINE and submitting Proof of Claim


Please read the instructions below to aid you in filling and submitting your Claim Form and the supporting Proof of Claims.


  1. All Claim Forms and Proof of Claims have to be submitted on or before 17-July-23.
    Specifically please provide copy of any of the following as proof of Employment with the Corporate Debtor.
    - Company ID Card
    - Company Pay Slip
    - Provident Fund Account Slip
    - Company ESIC Card
    - Letter of Appointment
    Provide copy of Company Pay Slips, Gratuity Calculation Statement, Provident Fund Account Statement and any other document, belonging to the relevant period, supporting the Claim Amount.
  2. Relevant documentary proof in support of the claim, as prescribed under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Insolvency Resolution Process for Coporate Persons) Regulations, 2016, have to be submitted.
  3. Either of the mode (i.e. ONLINE or Email) can be opted for filing your Claim. Both options should not be opted.
  4. The claim amount should be determined as on 15-Oct-18 (CIRP commencement date).
  5. Please refer to the link ---> for viewing the status of claims received. Same is available on the website of the IL&FS
  6. On submitting the Claim Form and Proof of Claim, a dialog box shall appear which should be carefully read and understood by you. You can use the same link shared with you multiple times until the last date of submitting the claim to upload additional information for supporting your claim.
  7. In case of any queries, you can submit the same in the dialog box provided for the said purpose in your account. You may even choose to contact us on email ---> [email protected], contact no.- 022 26384875/ 76
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